Im crazy for you in Bisaya?

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Daniel Fontes asked 3 months ago

What’s im crazy for you in bisaya?

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khen answered 3 months ago

Bisaya (Cebuano Translation) of "I’m crazy for you" is "Nabuang ko nimo". Pronounced as "Na-bu-ang ko ni-mo".
Example usage in sentences:

  • I’m crazy for you. That’s why I’ll go there in the Philippines. (Nabuang ko nimo. Mao ng muanha ko dinha sa Pilipinas.)
  • I’m crazy for you. I cannot sleep always thinking of you. (Nabuang ko nimo. Dili ko katulog ug sigeg hunahuna nimo).
  • I’m crazy for you. You make me happy. (Nabuang ko nimo. Gipakalipay ko nimo.)