Basic Greetings in Bisaya?

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Michelle Cayman asked 3 months ago

What are the basic greetings in bisaya? Like good morning, good afternoon…etc.

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khen answered 3 months ago

Learn basic greetings in Bisaya (Cebuano). As a Filipino a whole, Bisaya or Cebuano people are also very hospitable and love to smile. Most of the time they will smile at you despite from suffering poverty or hidden sadness. These are the basic greetings and their bisaya (cebuano) translation:
Good morningMaayong buntag. (Mah-ah-yong buhn-tag.)
Good noonMaayong udto. (Mah-ah-yong ud-toh.)
Good afternoonMaayong hapon. (Mah-ah-yong hah-puhn.)
Good eveningMaayong gabii. (Mah-ah-yong gah-bih-eh.)
Hi – translated also as "Hi". Other informal or personal terms in bisaya equivalent to "Hi" are "Ooh!", "Hooh!", "Oy!".